The Businessman History

During the detente days of the early 1970s, when Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev had agreed to allow the limited emigration of Soviet Jews, thousands of hard-core criminals, many of them released from Soviet Gulags by the KGB, took advantage of their nominal Jewish status to swarm into the West...

During Russia’s post-perestroika years (1990s), with the greatest of ease, thousands of those descendants of the Bolshevik revolutionaries, like a pack of ravenous wolves moving in for the kill, slipped into the West again.

Guess what? They’re all here. Five million ‘businessmen” in America.

These guys aren’t listed in official statistics. Though the “Russian” gangs of the former Soviet Union include Georgians, Armenians, Chechens and various other ethnic groups, the kingpins of the Russian mafia are all Jewish— like all the big guns of the Russian mafia—Semion Mogilevich, Monya Elson, Marat Balagula, Vyacheslav Ivankov, Vladimir Ginsberg, Ludwig Fainberg...

In the United States, the ground zero for those criminals is Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, right in the center of America’s most Jewish community. In the 1970s, more than forty thousand Russian Jews settled in Brighton Beach. It was under the shadow of the elevated subway tracks on Brighton Beach Avenue, bustling with Russian meat markets, vegetable pushcarts, and bakeries, that the Russian gangsters resumed their careers as professional killers, thieves, and scoundrels...

Former Soviets athletes and Special Forces veterans of the Afghanistan wars, retired KGB agents... They were at once put on retainers of $20,000 a month. No jobs as janitors or road sweepers for them! Like ducks to water, they took to sex trafficking, prostitution, pornography, drug running, loan sharking, stock market scams, arson, burglary, bank and jewelry frauds, counterfeiting, vote rigging, arms sales, extortion and murder.

In North America alone, there are now thirty Russian crime syndicates operating in at least seventeen US cities, most notably New York, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Denver. Mafia groups that have flourished in post-perestroika Russia, they have something La Cosa Nostra can only dream about: their own country. The Russian mob virtually controls their nuclear-tipped former superpower, which provides them with vast financial assets and a truly global reach. Russian President Boris Yeltsin wasn’t exaggerating when he described Russia as “the biggest Mafia state in the world”.

In 1993, a high-ranking Russian immigration official in Moscow told US investigators that there were five million dangerous criminals in the former USSR who would be allowed to emigrate to the West.

The first rules of this mafia are these: never have emotions, screw as many women as possible, never work in a legitimate job. The merciless cruelty of these psychopathic killers is so extreme that it is often said “they will shoot people just to see if their guns work.”

And how long these “Businessmen” will continue to terrorize America?

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

I hope you’ll come along for this uneasy, full of exploration ride based on true facts and events, with all the frills and difficulties that this complicated world can offer.

Vitaly Kozlov