The Businessman Synopsis

They come from everywhere, eyes on the prize, wanting the biggest slice of the American pie....

It’s 1991 when 20-something BORIS, a refugee from the recently collapsed Soviet Union, arrives with his parents in New York City. He is exactly like every other immigrant -- wide-eyed, in culture shock, and overwhelmed by the heady mix of opportunity and obstacle. But even a miserable start in the projects can’t stop his ambitious, resourceful young mind. Forging a team with fellow USSR homies ALEX, MARK and GARIK, together they embark on Boris’ first scheme: gambling tables on the boardwalk in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, heart of the Russian community.

His successful but short-lived “business venture” is soon busted by the FBI, by SPECIAL AGENT ROBERT LUTSENKO, a first-generation Russian-American. But not before attracting the attention of AGRON, Russian Godfather of Brighton Beach, who offers Boris his protective services. “Consider it a sort,” he advises. Headstrong, Boris and his cohorts resolve to go their own way. When Boris hatches an even more lucrative idea, it seems that the American dream has finally materialized. But soon after, mysterious and sinister events ensue: beatings, arson, explosions....

Boris quickly realizes the brutal truth of Brighton Beach – if not the entire world – that you can’t survive without the right allies. So he compromises both his profit margin and his principles and strikes a deal with the Russian mob. Although his high-tech scam takes off like a Sputnik rocket, jealousy (aka MARAT and his thug OLEG) threatens to bring it crashing down. Ever resourceful, Boris finds the solution to his problem in the sorrows of Agent Lutsenko, whose young son has a terminal illness requiring expensive foreign treatment. Boris has the money, Robert the inside information, so the two form a devil’s bargain that leads to the destruction of Boris’ rivals.

From immigrant wunderkind to the Don of Brighton Beach, with all the perks, the dangers, and the responsibilities, Boris has made a speedy transformation. He marries the gorgeous gold-digger RACHEL and travels the world in search of the next, new ‘naches’. But in the end, what equals success? What does Boris really have? Junkie friends, a bitch of a wife, snobbish in-laws who despise his roots.

But for certain men of business, there is no cure. No matter how many candles they light in church, there is no forgiveness....and it is up to Boris to draw the line. But will he? And what if it is already too late?